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New, state-of-the-art home. New strength & conditioning every week of the season. A well-thought-out tournament schedule. The best training in the area.

TCVA enters its sixth season with many new changes bringing added value to our club. We've always prided ourselves on having the best, most experienced coaching staff from top-to-bottom of any club in the Central North Carolina region, and now we can unequivocally state that our new home, Rise Indoor Sports, is the best training center in the area! Rise affords us more room to train, and a partnership with Torque Performance & Fitness, which will allow our athletes to train with in the weight room--something we are so excited to add to our program!

As with previous year's dues, the club dues do not reflect any costs associated with travel to or from tournaments, meals, or any lodging. This year, we have included the uniform package fee into the TCVA dues, so that the only excluded fees that are not collected by TCVA, are USAV and AAU (if necessary) memberships.

Lastly, we continue collection of dues collected to a 20/20/20/20/10/10 percentage split. Our dues payments never have reflected any percentage of the season being completed. Collecting more up front helps insure that we get off to a solid start with respect to tournament entry fees, coaches stipends, etc. As always, TCVA is flexible and willing to work with those families who wish to spread their payments over a longer period of time.

In an effort to be as transparent as possible to our families, we have linked to LAST YEAR’S DUES for those who wish to compare this year's dues to last year's dues.

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