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Athletes and Parents,

Thank you for your consideration and interest in joining Twin City Volleyball Academy (TCVA). The information below provides insight to our club’s tryout process and philosophy in order to assist you in making an informed decision during the 2022-2023 club volleyball tryout/signing period. Our staff and coaches look forward to meeting and working with you soon!

TCVA Tryout Philosophy 

First and foremost TCVA's tryouts are open to all athletes, free from preferential treatment, and void of pre-selected roster positions. 

What you can expect from the TCVA staff and coaches is the utmost level of professionalism, integrity, and objectivity while working with each athlete throughout the selection process.

TCVA's multiple-session format gives our coaching staff the opportunity to evaluate and assess talent within an environment of teaching, encouragement, and personal interaction for each aspiring athlete. Some of the key element in which evaluators will consider during the tryout process will be:

  • Skill level

  • Coach-ability

  • Athleticism

  • Work ethic

  • Competitive drive

  • Long term potential

  • Positive attitude/enthusiasm  


Finally, TCVA strives to provide a positive, energy-filled, and purposeful tryout for each prospective athlete. You are evaluating us as much as we’re watching you. To win you over to TCVA you will get the BEST from our coaches as they bring out the BEST within you.  

Getting Started 

Check the USAV age eligibility requirements to determine which age group you should tryout for. Age requirements can be found on the Carolina Region Volleyball Associations webpage HERE.

To determine the correct age division, please find the Month of Birth in the left column and then the year of birth in the same row. The heading of the column matching the Year of Birth is the correct age bracket.

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 4.45_edited.png


The Carolina Volleyball Region (CRVA) requires all players to register with USA Volleyball BEFORE they can try out with any club. This is a requirement for every club belonging to the CRVA.  Onsite registration will be limited during the day of tryouts and registration takes over 45-minutes to complete. Please register with USA Volleyball by clicking HERE. 

You will need to print out and complete a copy of the following form and bring it with you to tryouts, along with a copy of your USAV/CRVA Registration Card.




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